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Although all of our services are offered in person at our office [located in the Saskatoon Field House, 2020 College Drive ] we understand that it is not always possible to drop by during office hours.  In order to serve you better we have provided the following links that you can browse through at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.  All of the below websites are reputable and provide valuable information on caregiving.  Please note that the following information is meant to be a resource tool and Caregiver Information and Support and the Saskatoon Council on Aging do not endorse the organizations featured below.

Download the Caregiver Resource Guide: The guide is an abbreviated resource based on the articles listed below. It is meant to provide an introduction to each topic. To learn more, please see the articles listed under each heading.

Caregiver Resource Guide (French version):
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CADTH [Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health] is a not-for-profit organization who provides credible, objective evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. CADTH focuses on health technologies, including drugs, medical devices, diagnostic test, and procedures. The CADTH database is freely accessible to search for health research.
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1. Healthy Aging:

These guides promote physical activity and healthy eating and include specific information for older adults.

Guide to Living a Healthy Lifestyle for Seniors

Source: Active Living Coalition for Older Adults

Canada Food Guide Resources
Source: Health Canada

Just for You: Seniors
Health Canada has resources to help seniors remain healthy as they age. Information is available on Healthy Eating, Injury Prevention, Oral Health, Physical Activity, and much more. You can also follow this link to find an index of health issues for seniors and information on them.
Source: Health Canada

Healthy Brain: Heads Up for Healthier Brains:
The Alzheimer Society provides information on how to keep your brain healthy as you age. They touch on many areas of health and lifestyle choices that can help reduce your risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Source: Alzheimer Society

Healthy Aging in Canada: A New Vision, A Vital Investment, From Evidence to Action - A Background Paper
This paper produced by the Public Health Agency of Canada provides an overview of healthy aging and provides five key areas of focus as Canada moves forward with a new vision for Healthy Aging.
Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

2. Fall Prevention:

If you Fall or Witness a Fall, Do You Know What To Do?
Practical tips to follow if you fall or see someone fall.
Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

How to prevent falls
What you can do to reduce your risk of having a fall.
Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

Staying on your feet
A detailed checklist of how you can prevent injuries.
Source: Saskatoon Health Region

Fall Proofing Your Home - Safety Checklist
Easy to follow checklist to help reduce your chances of falling.
Source: Saskatoon Health Region

Forever....in motion: Physical Activity for Older Adults
information about the Forever...in motion programs in the community
Source: Saskatoon Health Region

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3. Family Communication:

How to Support a Family Caregiver
A University of Victoria research study that details ways to support caregivers.
Source: University of Victoria: Centre on Aging

Holding a Family Meeting
Tips for holding a successful family meeting.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

Making Choices about Everyday Care (For Families)
This article deals with family communication.  It also provides useful information on caregiver and recipient communication.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

When Your Loved One Is Not Lovable
The article provides case scenarios for a variety of different caregiving situations.  It includes real life examples and explains how people cope with common caregiving issues, such as getting outside help and avoiding burnout.
Source: The Family Caregiver

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Money and Legal Matters:
The Alzheimer Society provides a description of the financial and legal documents that a caregiver should have organized early in the stages of an illness.
Source: Alzheimer Society

Canada Benefits.gc.ca:
The Government of Canada provides information on how to manage your personal finances, taxes, Insurance, and more. This website also includes information about different types of pensions and benefits.
Source: Government of Canada, Seniors Canada

Health care Directives:
This brochure gives an overview of health care directives. It also contains information on living wills, proxies, and personal guardians.
Source: Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

Older Adults and the Law:
With a broad range of information this document provides an overview of legal issues for seniors in Saskatchewan. It covers such issues as housing, power of attorney, consumer protection, and wills and estate planning, among others.
Source: Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

Power of Attorney:
This pamphlet provides in depth information on power of attorney in Saskatchewan. It answers questions about who can be a power of attorney, duties of an attorney, and types of power of attorney.
Source: Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

Life After 60: Legal Information for Older Adults, Their Families & Friends:
This booklet gives an overview of most aspects of your life and legal issues that affect them after the age of sixty. This includes information on family law, health care, money and property, fraud, and more.
Source: Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

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5. Long Distance Caregiving:

FAQ: Long Distance Caregiving
How do you provide care to a relative who lives far away from you? This article provides a short answer and overview of the steps you need to take to prepare for long term caregiving.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

Handbook for Long Distance Caregivers
This guide will introduce new caregivers to the resources and strategies available for long distance caregivers. It includes a range of information to help caregivers prepare for their new role.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

Alzheimer Care: Long Distance Caregiving
This article provides information for caregivers of relatives who have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It discusses the decision making process for providing care and how to arrange long term care.
Source: Alzheimer Society of Canada

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6. Caregiver Burnout:

Caregiving and Depression
This article discussed the symptoms of depression and why caregivers are more likely to become depressed. It also provides advice on how to recognize depression and options for treatment.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

Taking Care of YOU: Self-Care for Family Caregivers
Caring for yourself is an important part of caregiving. This article shares why it is important as a caregiver to remain healthy and the steps you can take to prevent caregiver burnout.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

Caregiver Stress and Burnout
This article can help you understand the symptoms and treatment of caregiver stress and burnout,tips for Recharging and Finding Balance
Source: HelpGuide.org

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What Should I Know About Alzheimer’s Disease?

Helpful information that tells you what you need to know about Alzheimer’s disease.  Includes information on how the disease is diagnosed, prevented, and what supports are available.
Source: Alzheimer Society

First Steps for Families
Information for families who have a loved one recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
Source: Alzheimer Society

Caring for a Loved One with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
Short overview of Alzheimer’s disease, how it affects your loved one, and what you can do to help. 
Source: Home Instead Senior Care

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8. Alternative Living Arrangements:

A Move to Long Term Care: NEW RESOURCE
When a person with dementia needs full time support, moving to a long-term care home may be the next step for you and your family.
Source: Alzheimer Society

Personal Care Homes in Saskatoon

Long Term Care Homes Saskatoon and area

Home Away from Home: Relocating Your Parents:

Family Caregiver Alliance discusses a variety of potential living arrangements and how to determine which living arrangement is right for each individual.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

Residential Care Options:
This article discusses the decision to move to a residential facility. It also the different type of facilities and how to determine which one is the right one.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

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9.End of Life

Palliative Care Publications: Saskatchewan Health Authority
1-833-445-0080 (toll free)
Comprehensive collection of brochures adapted from brochures created
by Victoria Hospice.

Caregiver Bereavement: Honoring your Voices: Brochure
(Saskatoon Council on Aging, University of Saskatchewan.) The “Honoring the Voices of Bereaved Caregivers” was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health

Caregiver Bereavement: Honoring your Voices: Handout
(Saskatoon Council on Aging, University of Saskatchewan.) The “Honoring the Voices of Bereaved Caregivers” was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health

Preparing for a Bereavement
Helpful information on how to plan for bereavement.
Source: Veterans Affairs Canada

End-of-life Decision Making
This article is a planning tool that gives you a place to start when facing difficult decisions. It deals with issues such as advanced care directives, powers of attorney, and care options.
Source: Family Caregiver Alliance

A Caregiver’s Guide to End-of-Life Care
A very detailed handbook on providing end-of-life care.  It includes information on physical care, avoiding burnout, and guidelines for communication.
Source: The Order of St. Lazarus Canada

Compassionate Care Benefits
This article discusses compassionate care benefits available through employment insurance. Detailed information about eligibility, application method, and payment are included.”
Source: Service Canada

Bereavement Resource Directory by the Saskatoon Council on Aging

The Resource Directory includes a range of potential supports including counselling, grief support groups, websites and places. Inclusion in this listing does not necessarily imply endorsement by SCOA but is here for informational purposes.

10. Other Resources

TCN: The Caregiver Network
The brightest minds with the biggest hearts; helping millions of caregivers find their way.

Caregiver Decision Guide
A step by step guide for caregivers caring for a familiy members with life limiting illness; for caregivers thinking about making changes in caregiving for family members. Published by the University of British Columbia.

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